Dubai Office

DUBAI OFFICE CATEGORY: Office YEAR OF PROJECT: 2021 STATUS: Competed LOCATION: Dubai LOT AREA: 175 Sqm TOTAL BUILT AREA: 175 Sqm DESIGN TEAM: Sanaz Taliee Sara Malek PRESENTATION TEAM: Amir Eslami PROJECT MANAGER: Mohammag Seyed jalali ABOUT THE PROJECT: The new space for the business office was expected to create a relatively relaxed working and communication atmosphere for users. Through decent […]

Yamam Office Building

YAMAM OFFICE BUILDING CATEGORY: Office YEAR OF PROJECT: 2023 STATUS: Under Construction LOCATION: District 22, Tehran, IRAN LOT AREA: 6155 Sqm TOTAL BUILT AREA: 76483 Sqm DESIGN TEAM: Behdad Shahvari Amir Pourmoghaddam Seyed Hamed Parpinchi Sanaz Taliee Shabnam Afshar Negin Amini Mobina Alahyari PRESENTATION TEAM: Amir Eslami Niusha Michani STRUCTURAL DESIGN: Rasoul MirGhaderi ABOUT THE PROJECT: The “North Hemmat Office” project […]

Jahan koodak Office Building

JAHAN KOODAK OFFICE BUILDING CATEGORY: Office YEAR OF PROJECT: 2015 STATUS: Completed LOCATION: Jordan, Tehran, IRAN LOT AREA: 1509 Sqm TOTAL BUILT AREA: 33026 Sqm DESIGN TEAM: Ali Darabian Behdad Shahvari Ehsan Moghadas Ali Sa’adat Armanfar Sanaz Taliee Somayeh Zandi Farnoush Gholami Aida Shayegan Hamaseh Akhlaghdoust Shahin Ayazmakouei PRESENTATION TEAM: Amir Eslami Niusha Michani Abbas Rezaei PHOTOGRAPHER: Hamid Rajabi ABOUT THE […]

Ayandeh Bank Headquarters

AYANDEH BANK HEADQUARTERS                CATEGORY: Office YEAR OF PROJECT: 2014 STATUS: Completed LOCATION: Elahieh, Tehran, IRAN LOT AREA: 3434 Sqm TOTAL BUILT AREA: 64308 Sqm DESIGN TEAM: Ali Darabian, Behdad Shahvari, Ehsan Moghadas Ali, Pourya Yousefi, Sa’adat Armanfar, Sanaz Taliee, Somayeh Zandi Farnoush Gholami, Aida Shayegan Hamaseh Akhlaghdoust, Shahin Ayazmakouei PRESENTATION TEAM: Amir Eslami, Niusha Michani, Abbas Rezaei   STRUCTURAl DESIGN: Seyed Rasoul Mir Ghaderi PROJECT […]